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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – The months of snow and cloudy conditions can have an adverse affect on our brains, causing them to get more out of balance.  The good news is, we can do something about it, that doesn’t require taking a trip to Florida or someplace else that’s sunny and warm.

Our behavioral health expert, Dr. Tim Royer, of Neurocore joined eightWest to shed a little light on the help that is out there.

During months with less daylight, a person’s brain waves get more out of balance, which can show up as sleep disruptions and lack of focus. Neurocore can give you that picture of what’s going on with those brain waves, get you started with a custom plan for improved brain health and recommend additional health resources for use at home and at work.

Sleep can be improved through training brain waves into a normative range with EEG biofeedback, getting eight hours of sleep in a darkened environment, getting 15 minutes of daylight daily, using supplements such as melatonin and through the use of energy light technologies.

This special light can sit on your table at home or desk at work to provide 20 minutes of light in the morning and, if needed, 20 additional minutes in the early afternoon to help regulate the reduction of serotonin and make you feel more awake

Similar to the desk light, these ear lights are great for those on the go for a burst of 20 minutes of light in the morning and, if needed, 20 additional minutes in the early afternoon

There’s also F-Lux software that is available for downloading onto your home and work computer to regulate screen brightness so your eyes and other senses have more light coming at them earlier in the day and less in the evening

EEG technology like in hospital settings can be used to assess and diagnose brain wave activity. This picture of your brain health allows Neurocore clinicians to provide custom health education and brain training through EEG biofeedback, recommended by the FDA to diagnose ADHD and shown in scientific studies to improve ADHD, focus and sleep.

Neurocore is taking part in the Living Well Expo, January 10 and 11. Stop by their booth at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids to meet members of their team, learn more about Neurocore programs and get a preview of your brain wave activity

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Tim Royer, Psy.D., neuropsychologist and founder of Neurocore

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