Storm Team 8 Forecast

Mostly Cloudy
Slight Chance of a Sprinkle (mainly northwest and north of Kent Co.)
Low:  low 40s (isolated areas mid 30s)
WIND:  S-SW  0-5

SUNRISE 8:07 a.m.
SUNSET  6:46 a.m.

Partly Sunny This Afternoon
Partly Sunny and Breezy Saturday Afternoon
Mostly Sunny Sunday, Warmer on Monday

EARLY MORNING   Skies will be variably tonight.  We still have a chance of an isolated sprinkle, but most areas will stay dry.  Temperatures will dip to the low 40s, but cool spots will reach the mid 30s.  Winds will be light south-southwest at 5 mph if there is any wind at all.

LATER TODAY:  Skies will become partly sunny for the afternoon.  Highs will be near 60 (cooler near the lake).  It will be dry for the Football Frenzy this evening.  Winds will be fairly light from the southwest.

WEEKEND WEATHER  We’ll start Saturday with variably cloudy skies and a very slight chance of a light shower or sprinkle.  The afternoon will be partly sunny and a bit breezy with highs in the low 60s inland and mid-upper 50s at the lakeshore.  Sunday will be mostly sunny and pleasant with light winds and highs in the upper 50s.

LOOKING AHEAD  Most of Monday looks dry and mild with highs approaching 70 degrees.  There is a small chance of a shower or t-shower.  We’ll have a chance of showers (even an isolated t-shower) Monday night and especially on Tuesday.  A cool front will come through Tuesday.  It will be a breezy day and temperatures will likely reach the mid 60s before the front comes through.  Temperatures will be back in the low-mid 50s on Wednesday.  Day 8 of the 8-Day Forecast is Halloween.  It’ll be a cool day with a chance of showers.  One of our computer models is forecasting temperatures to be cool enough for a rain/snow mix in the evening. Right now, I’ve got out mid-upper 40s during the day and around 40 in the evening.

Check out Bill’s Blog for the latest Great Lakes water levels (Lake Michigan up 22″ year-to-year!) and the story of a tornado in Washington St. – plus one computer model is still predicting the first flakes of snow around 10/31-11/1.