Storm Team 8 Forecast

Partly to mostly cloudy with scattered showers
Skies clear late in the day
HIGH:  68
WINDS: SW/NW 10-15 mph

SUNRISE 7:28 a.m.
SUNSET  7:41 p.m.

Clouds, showers, & cooler weather Sunday
Long stretch of sunny weather
A warm-up into the upper 70’s this week.

Sunday very early this morning a line of strong showers and thunderstorms moved in from across Lake Michigan with a few good rumbles of thunder and gusty downpours. We will see some sinking motion behind this line, and even some sunshine around dawn. As we work towards noon, another round of energy will swing down from the north. This will cause our clouds to fill back in, and a few scattered showers to form. Rain showers will track from the northwest to the southeast through the day. Not everyone will get wet. Sunday Night our winds officially should turn and be out of the north or northwest. This will drag down cooler, drier air to the surface and tank our overnight lows into the lower 40’s.

Monday is the first day of Fall! We officially change seasons at 10:29pm. It will also be the start of a stretch of dry skies and warming temperatures. A nice thermal ridge will build in with an area of high pressure through the week. Highs will be flirting with 80 by the time we hit next weekend.

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