Plainfield Twp supervisor in financial trouble

An undated file photo of Jay Spencer courtesy Facebook.
An undated file photo of Jay Spencer courtesy Facebook.

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The Plainfield Township supervisor is dealing with personal financial problems in court.

Jay Spencer, who has been the supervisor of Plainfield Township just north of Grand Rapids for a little over a year, is facing lawsuits and dealing with a bankruptcy filing, all of which appear to be the result of his previous real estate businesses.

Spencer went to bankruptcy court just before Thanksgiving to try to get out from under crushing debt apparently unrelated to his job as supervisor. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing says Spencer owes $566,000, but is worth only $11,000. Most of that tied up in his modest home in Plainfield Township.

In a phone interview, Spencer told 24 Hour News 8 the bankruptcy case is the “unfortunate result of business decisions made a number of years ago.”

And a General Motors retiree is trying to keep his lawsuit against Spencer out of the bankruptcy, Kent County court document show.

Jolan Jackson says he invested his $241,000 retirement account in a real estate deal to buy and rehab a half-dozen houses. Instead, Jackson claims, Spencer and two other men used some of the money to pay off prior financing and pay money to themselves.

Spencer said those allegations are “not accurate” and pointed out there has been no decision in that lawsuit yet.

He declined to comment further on the lawsuit, which he said has not yet reached a conclusion.

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