Dispatchers: Stay off Roads


(WOOD) — Drivers in Van Buren County are being warned to stay home or they may end up getting stranded in the snow.

Sheriff’s Department officials are asking people to stay off the roads until later this morning. They’ve received a number of calls of motorists stranded in their vehicles. They also say that back roads are impassable due to all of the snow drifting over the roads. Wreckers are having a tough time getting to drivers.

Dispatchers say that if you must travel and come across a road that has snow blown over it, you should not risk driving through it because you could become stranded and unable to be helped.

Dispatchers tell us this is the case on many rural roads all around West Michigan.

Click the link for a look at how I-196 looked around 7:30 a.m. Saturday. >>> Van Buren Co Roads

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