A unique store for all women

Women's Health Boutique

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) Some stores you never know about until you need the products they sell. One such place is the Women’s Health Boutique in Grand Rapids.

The unique specialty store caters to women from new moms to those dealing with cancer. It offers post-mastectomy needs, nursing bras, compression stockings, maternity clothing, and exercise wear, as well as wigs and turbans for women dealing with hair loss. Some of the products can be difficult to find in regular stores, and Women’s Health Boutique offers personalized service to make sure you get what you need.

There’s an interesting back story to the Women’s Health Boutique. It grew out of two daughters’ love for their mother. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 1986 and after she died, the sisters were amazed to find so many products that could have made her life more comfortable. So they opened the first boutique in 1991 and soon after, the first franchised boutique opened in Michigan.

The Women’s Health Boutique is a division of Airway Oxygen, a company that serves people all over the state. The boutique is located at 5150 Plainfield Avenue in Grand Rapids. You can reach them at (616) 364-5431.

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