Portage to replace plow-damaged mailboxes

(Courtesy Tawnyna Kokx via ReportIt - Feb. 2, 2014))
(Courtesy Tawnyna Kokx via ReportIt - Feb. 2, 2014))

PORTAGE, Mich. (WOOD) — The City of Portage says it will pay to repair and replace mailboxes damaged by city plows.

The City said in a Wednesday news release that plow drivers try to avoid mailboxes, but when there is this much snow, that is not always possible.

Portage said it has a program set up to repair and replace damaged mailboxes and mailbox posts. If a box can’t be fixed then it will be replaced with a standard white or black one.

Residents may also choose to be reimbursed at the cost of a standard box or post. The residents would have to pay for the cost difference of a specialty box and installation.

Damaged mailbox reports can be sent to the City at the ReportIt section of its website or by calling the Department of Parks, Recreation and Public Services at 269.329.4444.

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