Special machine helps detect breast cancer


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) Some of the most advanced medical technology can be found right in West Michigan. The medical professionals at the Betty Ford Breast Care Center are held in such high regard, they were chosen to run advanced studies that enlist their help in evaluating machines that were still awaiting FDA approval.

The machines perform the latest in mammography, called Tomosynthesis. It gives doctors a unique 3D image as a screening tool to search for any warning signs that are sometimes not detectable by a traditional mammogram. eightWest’s Terri DeBoer takes us along for her annual mammogram to get a look at the amazing machine.

Right now, the Betty Ford Breast Care Center is one of only two medical facilities in Michigan to have a Tomo machine. They plan to upgrade each of their traditional mammography machines as they need to be replaced. The additional cost is about $150,000 per unit, but they say it’s worth the extra investment when it comes to earlier detection of breast cancer.

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