Olivia’s Gift Finalist from 2013 CWC Awards

When we encounter someone with severe disabilities, we risk thinking that he or she must not have a pleasant standard of living. Olivia’s Gift demonstrates the opposite.

Olivia’s Gift Living Center was one of our Connecting with Community Award finalists last year for providing apartment-style that meets the needs of individuals with severe disabilities.

Each resident in Olivia’s Gift LivingCenter rents his or her own apartment. Olivia’s Gift specializes these apartments to meet the needs of the resident.

Beyond providing living space, Olivia’s Gift offers resources to help enrich each resident’s life. Art therapy, pet therapy, and music therapy, are some of the ways the center tries to supplement a resident’s life.

The center also provides legal resources such as advocacy, consultation, liaisons with government and mental health agencies.

Residents at Olivia’s Gift can have independence, an important ingredient in creating a healthy community for everyone.

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