Community Learning Center CWC Award Finalist

A successful community depends on excellent education for its children. That is why Community Learning Center was one of our finalists for the Connecting with Community Award.

The Comstock Community Center has been serving its community for forty years. In 2010, the center opened the Community Learning Center as a new division to better serve children in the area.

As a part of their early childhood education, the Community Learning Center focuses on hands-on learning. Pre-school children go on field trips to local parks. The center also works with the YMCA to provide weekly swim lessons.

For older kids, the center provides a safe and quiet place for after school activities. Summer programs help supplement a child’s education and ease the transition from one grade to the next.

The Community Learning Center provides early childhood education and programs for children from six weeks old through high school. Providing these programs and education helps the learning center achieve Comstock Community Center’s goal to “build a healthier community.”

The Community Learning Center plays an important role in fostering a healthy community for children.

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