Upcycle your way to a great gift

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) We all like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but no one wants to go broke buying gifts. That’s where the concept of “upcycling” comes in handy! It’s all about finding a great item that might need a little love, and turning it into something fabulous!

Jill Wallace from Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids shows us how it’s done. An old, dull jewelry box gets spruced up with a new coat of paint, all for a total cost of $5.28! A picture frame that’s seen better days can be repurposed as a jewelry display with some paint, sanding, and hooks for a total cost of $8.69! You can bling up a set of old candlesticks for just pennies with a dash of glitter for a total cost of $10.84!

Next time you’re shopping at Goodwill, keep in mind all the fun things you can do to upcycle just about anything! If you need some inspiration, head over Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids’ Pinterest page or visit one of Goodwill’s 19 stores. 


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