Sex offender accused of peeping at tanning salon

MUSKEGON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Police say a man tried to take pictures of an unclothed woman at a Muskegon Township laundromat and tanning salon.

The Muskegon Prosecutor’s Office has authorized the arrest of 37-year-old convicted sex offender Mathew Brady.

Mark Archer, the owner of Archers Speed Queen Laundromat on Apple Avenue, said he is shocked about what happened. He said that Brady was an everyday user of his tanning booths and that neither he nor his staff ever expected he would ever try to invade other patrons’ privacy.

The walls of the booths don’t go all the way to the ceiling so that heat can dissipate.

Archer said Brady took advantage of that. He apparently stood on a chair in one booth, then climbed onto the tanning bed — causing about $880 in damage, Archer said — and lifted his phone over the wall into another booth.

The victim in the case knows that the walls don’t reach to the ceiling, Archer said.

“She always looks up and she says she saw the camera up there,” he said. “She started banging on the wall to have him stop and then she was quick getting dressed to come out and call the police.”

Before they arrived, Brady made a plea to an employee.

“‘You have my life in your hands. Please don’t call the police. You have my life in your hands. I wasn’t here. I am not here. I will give you X amount of money.’ And she said. ‘Absolutely not,'” Archer recounted.

Archer said he plans to build a fix above the booth walls to prevent similar incidents .

He said the brazen act that victimized his customer also victimized him in a way.

“We felt the ramifications all day today. We have had several cancellations,” he said.

Because Brady was a regular at the laundromat and tanning salon, it is possible that there are more victims, Muskegon County Prosecutor DJ Hilson said.

Brady, a convicted sex offender who has a lengthy criminal history, has been lodged in the Ottawa County Jail on a parole violation. He could be officially charged in the peeping case in Muskegon County as early as Thursday.

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