Ottawa County launches Smart911 program

generic 911 dispatch

WEST OLIVE, Mich. (WOOD) — Ottawa County is implementing a program aimed at giving first responders more information about 911 callers.

Residents can now sign up for Smart911 online and provide information about themselves and their homes as they want dispatchers to have.

For example, residents can specify whether there are children in the home, allergies, medical conditions, pets, and even where bedrooms are in a home. Users can also add photos of family members that authorities will be able to access and send out quickly in the event someone goes missing.

The information residents post on a Smart911 account will be available to dispatchers only if the registered phone number calls 911.

“When we are responding to a scene, the more information we can have, the better,” Ottawa County Undersheriff Greg Steigenga said.

Van Buren and Ionia Counties also use Smart911.



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