Gull Lake Schools bond passes in recount

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RICHLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — After a recount, a Gull Lake Community Schools bond that was thought to have failed has instead passed.

The initial count after the Feb. 25 vote on the 0.65 mill bond issue was 1,029 against and 1,024 in favor.

But during a recount, a number of absentee ballots were tossed out because voters had in some way mismarked their ballots. The final count switched the result, with 1,016 “yes” votes and 1,013 “no” votes.

That means the issue that previously failed by five votes has now passed by three.

The bond will run for nine years and be used to fund facility repairs and improvements.

Before the Feb. 25 vote, Gull Lake district leaders approved putting the same measure on the May 6 ballot. With the measure now passing, the May vote won’t be needed. However, it is not clear how easy it will be to remove the measure from the May ballot.



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Bond details (pdf)

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