Connecting companies to resources

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) Consumers Energy has served as West Michigan’s primary power source for 125 years. Now it’s moving into the future with a program called Pure Michigan Business Connect. It is a public-private alliance of the MEDC, state agencies, and major Michigan companies and organizations that connects in-state companies to business resources. Here’s a look at the top five areas in West Michigan that are receiving money through the program: 

  1. Hudsonville: $49.2 million
  2. Grand Rapids: $27.6 million
  3. Muskegon: $21.1 million
  4. Holland: $19.8 million
  5. Kent City: $6.3 million 

Dan Malone from Consumer’s Energy and Birgit Klohs of The Right Place explain how the program is helping businesses in West Michigan.

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