Utah couple wins suit against KlearGear.com

generic KlearGear.com

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A Utah couple has won its lawsuit against KlearGear.com, an online company that claimed to be based in Grandville.

KlearGear charged Jennifer Kulas and John Palmer thousands of dollars after they posted a critical review on a different website. In response, the pair filed a lawsuit against KlearGear in December.

Last week, a court entered a default in favor of the couple after KlearGear’s Grandville address rejected being served with the lawsuit and it was returned as undeliverable at a Texas office. KlearGear also never responded in court.

KlearGear’s Grandville address, listed on its website, turned out to be nothing more than a post office box.

It’s not yet clear KlearGear will be ordered to pay.

On Feb. 18, the pair settled a suit with the debt collector seeking the charge issued by KlearGear.

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