Chevy owner sees repeated steering problems

WEST OLIVE, Mich. (WOOD) — Gary Goosen and his wife bought their 2004 Chevrolet Malibu off the showroom floor. It didn’t take long before the problems started.

“The first problems began at about 34,000 miles, just before the factory warranty was up,” said Goosen, of West Olive.

The problem was with the power steering, which would cut off abruptly. He brought it in to get fixed, and had to do so again for essentially the same problem around 46,000 miles and numerous times after that.

“Most of the time, the power steering error would come on the screen and the service engine light would come on,” Goosen said. “And it would just cut out and you couldn’t move the steering wheel hardly at all.”

Goosen remembers what it was like the first time the steering went out.

“I was completely blown away: ‘I can’t steer. What’s going on with the vehicle?'” he recalled thinking.

Goosen is one of more than 1 million Chevy drivers that have experienced similar problems.

“Of course, it is going to be worse for General Motors because they have 1.3 million cars that they are recalling just for the power steering loss. That’s sizable,” said Mike Veenstra, owner of Veenstra Auto Repair.

After the most recent issue, just a few weeks ago, Goosen once again brought the car in to the dealer. At the time, fixing it would have cost him close to $1,000.

But now, after GM recalled 1.3 million vehicles for a power steering problem, the automaker is going to pay to fix it.

Goosen’s glad he waited to get it fixed.

“We hadn’t had the steering cut out completely like it has until about two months ago. And I haven’t driven the car hardly at all since then,” Goosen said.

With three busy kids needing to go here and there, being down a car doesn’t make life any easier for Goosen’s family.

But he said he does not feel safe putting his family in the car.

“Very unsafe, when my wife and kids are in the car,” he said.

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