Dealerships gear up for GM recall fixes

HOLLAND, Mich. (WOOD) — One West Michigan General Motors dealer is advising drivers to park GM vehicles recalled because of a dangerously flawed ignition switch.

“If you have one of the vehicles that’s been initially recalled — the Cobalt, HHR and Saturn Ion — you want to not drive those,” DeNooyer Chevrolet General Manager Nicole DeNooyer said.

She said GM has issued dealers additional loaner and rental cars until the 2.6 million vehicles in the ignition switch-related recall are fixed.

Between 20 and 30 vehicles affected by the ignition recall were already parked outside the Holland dealership Wednesday, waiting for the fix.

Owners of the Chevy Cobalts, HHRs and Saturn Ions should receive a letter from GM telling them to contact a dealer.

There are no stockpiles of the parts at dealerships. Each service department has to send GM a vehicle identification number, or VIN, before the automaker will send out the part.

“They’ll start being fixed April 7th, but I think it may  take longer. I don’t know who’s going to get how many parts when. So it could be the end of April, May before they’re all completely fixed,” DeNooyer said.

If you bought the car used, even from a private individual, you should still get a letter alerting you to the recall. GM is tracking the VIN numbers through state agencies across the country to make sure it finds all affected owners.

But, DeNooyer said, “if it is a pre-owned vehicle that you bought secondhand, you might want to call the dealer just to make sure.”

Along with the 2.6 million vehicles recalled for the ignition switch problems, GM has issued a number of other recalls. Many of those are not safety related.

Still, GM knows it has a big public relations problem on its hands. Dealers caught in the middle of the recall controversy  are doing all they can to maintain customer confidence.

If you bring a recalled vehicle into a GM dealership, you will have some options.

“If the customer doesn’t feel comfortable driving the car that’s part of that recall, then your local dealer or GM would probably be glad to get them a loaner vehicle,” DeNooyer said.

GM and many dealers are also offering new-car incentives to owners of the Cobalts, HHRs and Ions.

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