Evangelicals to pray about climate change

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Thousands of Evangelicals are expected to gather across the country to pray about protecting the Earth, related to the climate change debate.

It’s all happening Thursday at noon.

The headquarters of the Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids will be the epicenter of it all.

Organizers of the prayer said it’s not about politics or science, it’s about something much bigger. They said the answer can be found in the Bible.

“It’s easy for us to think that since our winter was cold, that the rest of the world was cold, but actually global temperatures were up again this year,” Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, a member of Young Evangelicals for Climate Action said.

The group that works in conjunction with the Christian Reformed Church hopes to appeal to the faithful.

“Evangelicals have a lot of power to move the issue… it makes sense for Evangelicals to care about. So we’re trying to raise awareness among them and mobilize them toward action,” Meyaard-Schaap said.

In the 2012 Synod, a gathering of Christian Reformed Church leaders, they endorsed the science behind the climate change debate, claiming that humans have played a role and the church should do something about it.

The effort then began to try to change minds and grow support but the group isn’t using science but rather scripture to get their point across.

“What does the Bible say about God’s concern for his creation? About humanity’s responsibility to be stewards of that creation and when we look at it that way we see that creation care and environmental stewardship are Christian concerns,” Meyaard-Schaap said.

There are events happening Thursday at Evangelical colleges all across the country, as many as 25 universities will be participating in the prayer vigil.

Calvin College will start the day with a prayer vigil.

There will be a press conference at 11 a.m. at the Christian Reformed Church headquarters with a prayer service happening at noon.

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