Report: Where your federal tax dollars go

UNDATED (WOOD) — Tuesday was the deadline to file federal tax returns. Having given your hard-earned money to the federal government, you’re entitled to know precisely what it’s paying for.

Of each $100 paid in taxes, nearly $24 goes to defense and military benefits, a report from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) shows. That part of the budget get the largest piece of the pie.

Only five other budget items get more than $5 of each $100:

  • Social Security, which gets about $23
  • Health, which gets about $22
  • Medicare (as part of the health’s piece of the pie), which gets about $14
  • Medicaid (as part of health), which gets about $7
  • Interest, which gets about $6

Veterans benefits gets a little more than $4 out of every $100, but nothing else tops $3, according to the CRFB breakdown.

Budget items that get between $2 and $3:

  • Transportation
  • Civilian federal retirement
  • Refundable credits
  • Food stamps
  • Other

Items that get $2 or less:

  • Unemployment insurance
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Housing  assistance
  • Education
  • Foreign Aid
  • Agriculture

And Loren Adler of the CRFB, who worked out the breakdown, told 24 Hour News 8 that only $.004 of every $100 goes to congressional salaries.



The full CRFB breakdown with precise dollar figures (pdf)

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