Spring lawn care

After the long, hard winter our lawns need a little TLC this spring. First, you have to diagnose the problem and take the proper measures to correct it, so we went to Harder and Warner for some answers.

The first problem many people will see is winter defecation,  the needles look brown but the plant is still alive. If you give it a year or two, it will regrow and fill back in.

Another big problem many people are facing is snow mold. Snow mold can be tricky, you’ll see white clumps in your yard, usually about the size of a basketball. To get rid of it, you need to rake it into a pile and put it in a black plastic bag.  You cannot rake it across the lawn or put it in with other garden refuse because it will contaminate it.

If you  have broken branches, take great care in cutting them.  If you’re trying to save the tree,  make as small a wound as possible when cutting.

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