VIDEO: Woman escapes Elliot at gas station

MIDDLESBURY, Ind. (WOOD) — Gas station surveillance video shows how an Ionia County woman was able to get away from the inmate who carjacked her after he escaped from a state prison.

Michael Elliot escaped from the Ionia Correctional Facility the evening of Feb. 2. He then carjacked a woman in Ionia, investigators say, and drove with her for about two hours to the Elkhart, Ind. area, where they stopped for gas.

Surveillance video from the Gallops gas station in Middlebury shows Elliot, dressed in a white sweater and dark jacket, talking with a gas station clerk. At points, he appears to be joking with the cashier.

As he pays for gas, the video shows, the woman he carjacked in Ionia sneaks out of the car and into the gas station. She asks the cashier to write down the address of the gas station.

The video shows her then go to the bathroom. She locked herself inside and called 911. Police showed up within minutes, but Elliot had already taken off.

He was captured the next day in the LaPorte, Ind. area. He was later extradited back to Michigan and is expected in court Wednesday to face charges of kidnapping, carjacking and escaping prison.

Elliot, 40, is serving five life sentences in prison for four 1993 murders.

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