Nearly 1 year since Heeringa’s disappearance

Jessica Heeringa (File photo)
Jessica Heeringa (File photo)

NORTON SHORES, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s been nearly one year since Jessica Heeringa disappeared while working at a Norton Shores gas station and still no sign of the missing mother.

25-year-old Heeringa was working alone when police believe she was abducted from the Exxon Mobile gas station around 11 p.m. on April 26.

Despite numerous tips, there has been little progress in the case. The only leads so far are the surveillance photos of a silver minivan and a sketch of the man behind the wheel.

Jessica Heeringa and a police sketch of the suspect in her abduction. (FILE)
Jessica Heeringa and a police sketch of the suspect in her abduction. (FILE)

Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw said they have about a dozen persons of interest, but they’re concentrating efforts on four of them. However, there’s still no official suspect in the case.

The Norton Shores Police Department have been under scrutiny, especially by Heeringa’s family who have hired a private investigator and wants the case turned over to the state police.

Nearly a year after Heeringa’s disappearance, the Norton Shores Police Department continues to receive information and tips on a daily basis. Unfortunately, none of those tips have materialized into any real leads as to where Jessica is or what happened the night she disappeared.

One of the key things missing from the night Heeringa went missing was surveillance cameras inside the gas station. Since then, cameras have been installed at the Exxon Mobile gas station.

A bill has also been introduced requiring gas stations that are open between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. to either have two employees working or have security cameras installed.

Heeringa’s son, Zevyn, who lives with his dad, turned four without his mom.

“It’s still fresh in his mind,” Zevyn’s father, Dakotah Quail-Dyer, said. “It’s something we talk about every day. I just tell him the same stuff: we’re looking for her and that she loves him, no matter where she is, she loves him.”

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