Court documents reveal Rolls’ defense

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The trial for former Kent County Commissioner Gary Rolls, which was suppose to begin Monday, has been adjourned.

One reason for the adjournment, according to court records, ‘Parties are in Settlement Discussions.’ In other words, a deal may be in the works.

If the case does go to trial, a document filed by defense attorney Jeffrey O’Hara, indicates he’ll try to show the woman who claims Rolls molested her from the time she was 9 until she became an adult has perjured herself several times.

“Each one of these lies involved sexual allegations against the defendant,” O’Hara writes.

The victim described the alleged crimes during a 2012 Court Hearing over a Personal Protection Order she’d take out against Rolls.

Among the claims, that Rolls had given the now 30-year-old woman pictures of vaginal mutilations when she was twelve, and that she had carried them in her purse since 1996.

But according to OHara’s filing, the pictures were examined by experts with the U.S. Secret Service. They determined the earliest date the paper those photos were printed on was created no earlier than 2004.

“The photos themselves have been deliberately crinkled and crushed and bent to make it look like she had carried in her purse every day since she was 12,” O’Hara writes.

O’Hara claims there’s proof the alleged victim lied on a number of other occasions. Court records also reveal Rolls and the alleged victim did have sex, but she was over the age of consent.

It’s not clear what, if anything, these latest revelations have to do with a potential settlement.

State Police claim there may have been additional evidence; nude pictures Rolls allegedly took of the girl when she was 15, stored on an iPad.

The iPad and other computer equipment was confiscated during a search of Rolls’ Ada Township home.

But the iPad was erased remotely when state police computer experts turned it on.

O’Hara also writes that Rolls passed two polygraph tests.

While not admissible at trial, the tests were a way to try to persuade the prosecutor of his innocence before trial.

The new trial date is set for June 30th.

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