Family of murdered mom wants ‘justice’

WALKER, Mich. (WOOD) — A few days after police said they believed the body of Yolanda Reyes had been found at a construction site, they were working to confirm more information to lead them to her killer.

Berta Yolanda Reyes was last seen alive on April 24 near Neal Mast & Son Greehouse in the area of Bristol Avenue and 4 Mile Road, where the mother of four worked.

Friday, police said they believed Reyes’ body had been found at a construction site off Bristol between 3 Mile Road and I-96 in Walker. The body was discovered by the driver of an earth mover as crews prepared to build a new subdivision.

Monday, police were still waiting on a dental record match to confirm the identity of the body, but said they were proceeding as though it was Reyes and as though she was murdered.

Officials told 24 Hour News 8 Monday that they are working to re-interview people close to Reyes.

“Right now we are backtracking, talking to all of the people that we’ve originally spoken to,” Walker Police Department Deputy Chief Greg Long said. “That includes family members, extended family, co-workers, known acquaintances and once again get that information. Now that we have what we believe is the victim of a homicide, our line of questioning might be a little different, but we’re trying to at least confirm the facts that we learned the first time.”

One of the people police interviewed last week was the victim’s husband.

“The interview was more to go back and establish a timeline once again of when she went missing approximately three weeks ago and to make sure that all the factual information is accurate still,” Long said. “And then also mainly just to put him on notice that we have recovered a body which at that point was unconfirmed, but probably a good chance that it was his wife.”

The investigation is moving slower than usual because police are dealing with a language barrier. Officials have been reaching out to community members, but are now working with an officer who speaks Spanish.

“We have a bilingual officer that has been assigned to us to assist us from another agency. We are now starting to work very closely with that agency and getting some interviews completed,” said Long.

Another obstacle the police have been dealing with is working to interview some of Reyes’ co-workers.

“The employer is one of the larger employers in the city. There are a lot of employees that we are working our way through and speaking to. It sounds like there’s really no set specific shifts for these individuals to work, so we’re kind of trying to get as many co-workers or those who worked with Ms. Reyes to help give us some kind of background information,” Long said.

Police are hoping those interviews will provide more answers and lead to Reyes’ killer.

“Our focus of course is bringing some closure to the family and bringing those that perpetrated this crime to justice,” said Long.

Family members gathered at the Reyes home Monday. They told 24 Hour News 8 that they also want justice and are hoping for more information.

“She would go from work to her house and from her house to work. She did not have any issues with anyone. We want a good answer or a good reason. We are sitting at this house without knowing anything and we just want to know what happened. That is all that we want. We want justice for who did this to her,” a family member of Reyes’ husband said in Spanish.

Police said no one is being identified as a suspect at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Walker Police Department at 616.453.5441 or Silent Observer at 616.774.2345.

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