Snyder discusses minimum wage bill

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) — A move to increase Michigan’s minimum wage to more than $9 an hour by 2017 took some by surprise when it sailed through the state Senate.

Now, the bill goes to the Michigan House of Representatives, and Monday, Gov. Rick Snyder provided some insight on the measure while he visited the new Newell Rubbermaid Inc. design center in Kalamazoo.

In the past, Snyder has been consistent about concealing how he plans to respond to a bill until he receives it, in the case that it changes or includes something he isn’t aware of, so that he doesn’t get backed into a corner.

However, Snyder’s response Monday gave some perspective on his thoughts on the matter.

“Wait for it to arrive, or get through the House,” Snyder said. “The good part is, I appreciate the Senate taking prompt action, and it was bipartisan action. So hopefully, the House should be taking it up fairly quickly, because I do think they want to look at the issue and move forward.”

The House could act on the bill in the next week, and Snyder could sign it before the Detroit Regional Chamber holds the Mackinac Policy Conference, which beings May 27.

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