Luxury 31 floors up

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) Look up in downtown Grand Rapids and you might get a glimpse of what is the largest condo in the city. It is owned by Nick and Ashley Sarnicola, founders of the Body by Vi Challenge. eightWest was invited in by Deb DeGraaf of DeGraaf Interiors, they had an intergral part in the floors, bathrooms and finishing touches.

The space is more than a home, it’s a meeting place for many company meetings and it just so happens to be on the market if you’re looking for a large penthouse. DeGraaf Interiors has done work on many condos inside RiverHouse, many unique in their own way.

DeGraaf Interiors has three locations:

6450 28th Avenue in Hudsonville
5282 Plainfield NE in Grand Rapids
1144 E. Paris in Grand Rapids


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