WATCH: Tornado damage from the sky

KENTWOOD, Mich. (WOOD) — The EF-1 tornado that tore through parts of Wyoming and Kentwood Sunday night left in its wake a line of property damage.

As viewed from the sky Monday, that damage was evident: Buildings with roofs twisted and torn, trees uprooted and snapped at the bases, yards a mess of debris.

Crews could be seen clearing roads of downed limbs and power lines, working to restore power, and cleaning up destroyed landscaping.

==Above, watch video from the sky of the damage in Kentwood and Wyoming.==

Among the damaged structures was a strip mall on Langley Street, west of Kalamazoo Avenue and north of 44th Street. The roof ripped away, washers and dryers inside a laundromat there were clearly visible from the air.

The strip mall’s owner Phil Wiltjer said Monday he was still waiting for his insurance company to assess the damage. He said it was amazing to see the destruction to his building and relatively no damage to nearby buildings.

“It’s unreal. It’s unreal,” Wiltjer said. “When I came here at midnight and saw this, I thought, ‘This can’t be.’ Because … the building next door and the gas station, there’s a huge canopy and it didn’t touch it.”

About 20 people were inside the strip mall celebrating a birthday party when the tornado rumbled through. After the storm passed, they all made it out safely.

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