A natural weight loss option

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) We’re in the middle of summer and and that means shorts, sundresses, and swim suits. But the thought of wearing more revealing clothing can be challenging for those battling weight issues. Dr. Christopher Miller has a solution that does not require surgery.

Lipo Light is an all natural, non-surgical alternative to liposuction. There is no bruising or swelling, no drugs, no side effects, and no down time. It uses electromagnetic light to force fat cells to open, allowing the fat to escape. The fat cells empty and shrink, leading to immediate results. Patients can see up to four inches lost with just one treatment!

Lipo Light is meant for people who need a little help with trouble areas, like the midsection, upper arms, or back. It’s also great if you’ve lost a lot of weight and have some loose skin. The treatment process is usually ten sessions, and has a cumulative effect.

For those interested in learning how you can lose weight and inches, call (616) 328-  6130 to talk about attending a free seminar. You can get a Lipo Light treatment for ONLY $59 (normally $299). If lines are busy, please keep calling.

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