A different type of tour

Grand Rapids, Mich. (WOOD) Put your feet to the pedals and take a cruise through town with the Great Lakes Pub Cruiser. The Great Lakes Pub Cruiser is a 15-person party bike that is totally powered by pedals and bringing smiles to the patrons of Grand Rapids. Every year Pub Cruiser offers new tours to riders that love pedaling it up “pub-style.”

A Pub Cruiser can be a great way to celebrate birthdays, bachelor parties or even Art Prize. Great Lakes Pub Cruiser has a special ArtPrize tour from Sept. 18 – Oct. 6.

Don’t want to wait that long? There’s a tour this Saturday, July 19 starting at 11 a.m.,  called “Sip and Sample.” You receive three free appetizers at each of the tour’s stops: the Cottage, Rockwell, and the Woods. To reserve your spot or find out information about other tour dates, visit Great Lakes Pub Cruiser online.

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