Prevent fires with a dryer vent cleaning

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) Thousands of fires are started each year by clogged dryer vents. Our expert Ken Hancock, of Hancock Chimney Services, knows all about how to keep your home safe.

Every time your dryer cycle goes on, some lint goes past your screen and goes into the vent system. If it’s not cleaned out, it causes you to waste energy because dryers have to work harder and it takes longer for clothes to dry. It also increases the risk of fire because the vents are clogged with a flammable material. Hancock Chimney Services recommends you get your dryer vents cleaned every year to prevent fire hazard.

A new product called the “No Pest Vent” is made by local company Prototech. It prevents birds from entering and building nests inside your vents.

Hancock Chimney Services is offering a special for eightWest viewers. Mention you saw the segment on eightWest and get $25 off an inspection, sweep, or vent cleaning. Just call (616) 534-4228 or (616) 396-4046 to make an appointment.

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