Report: Drunk mom left 18-month-old outside


MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — A Muskegon mother could lose custody of her three children after she allegedly left one of them, a 18-month-old girl, outside in the rain while she was allegedly drunk, according to the Muskegon Chronicle.

It happened Tuesday at a house on Fleming Avenue, the Chronicle says. When police were called to the home after the mother and a man in the house were fighting, they found the little girl outside in the stroller. She was soaking wet.

The paper reports that the 24-year-old mother was drunk — three times the legal driving limit of .08.

A police report says the baby appears to have been outside for at least 45 minutes and was dressed only in a diaper, the paper is reporting. Her temperature was below 98.6 degrees. The police report says the girl was taken to the hospital and didn’t appear to have any permanent injuries.

The woman’s other two children were in the house at the time of the incident, the Chronicle says. All three children are in the custody of another family member.

It is still unclear if the mother will face any charges.

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