Get rolling in Chicago with Divvy Bikes

CHICAGO, Ill. (WOOD) West Michigan and Chicago have a lot of things in common. There are many opportunities to be active outdoors and we both seem to have a fascination with the Big Lake! What better way to combine those two than with a bike ride along Chicago’s beautiful lakeshore? There’s a way to do that during your next Chicago trip, without the hassle of transporting your bike with you.

Divvy Bikes is a unique bike sharing system. It has thousands of bikes at 300 stations across the city. Anyone can rent one from any of the stations and return it at any other station. It’s easy! You can use your credit card at a kiosk. After you pay, it gives you a five digit code to unlock your bike. When you’re done, simply lock your bike back up at another Divvy station.

Locals love Divvy Bikes as another mode of transportation. Visitors can use it to see the sights and get to places in the city that you can’t see in a car. It’s also a great form of exercise!

The bikes are comfortable to ride and serve as a great alternative to driving a car in the busy city. A 24 hour bike pass is $7. During that time, you can use your Divvy Bike for increments of 30 minutes or 60 minutes. If you use the bike longer, you do pay extra, which makes them ideal for shorter bike trips. To learn more about Divvy Bikes, visit their website.

Another place to gather important information about Chicago is Choose Chicago. Their website can help you plan an upcoming trip, book a hotel, and give you details about special events and local attractions. You can also give them a call if you have questions.

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