Local triathlon canceled due to lightning

Competitors after seeing lightning that caused the Michigan Titanium Triathlon to be canceled. (Aug. 23, 2015)

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The annual Michigan Titanium Triathlon was canceled Sunday after two delays caused by poor weather.

Some 700 athletes were prepared to take part in the fourth annual Titanium Triathlon in Plainfield Township, north of Grand Rapids. The event includes a grueling course of swimming, biking and running.

The first delay lasted about 45 minutes. Then organizers thought they had caught a break and announced they would proceed. Competitors lined up for the running portion of one of the events.

“While you’re out running, just think good thoughts,” one event official told competitors. “Keep the weather away.”

Just moments later, there was a flash of lightning followed by the rumble of thunder.

Athletes made sounds of disappointment, with one declaring, “We’re done.”

She was right. Organizers soon made the official announcement canceling the event.

“This is our fourth year, and this is the first year we’ve had a situation like this,” Co-Race Director Doug Tuttle told 24 Hour News 8. “Unfortunately, every once in a while it happens with an outdoor race. You just can’t control Mother Nature.”

Some earlier races were completed. Results can be found online.

==Above, watch the flash of lightning that put a stop to the triathlon.==

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