ArtPrize artist turns his MRIs, CT scans into art

"Insides Out" by Eric C. Hudson is on display inside the Fifth Third Bank building in downtown Grand Rapids.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A life-threatening illness led Eric C. Hudson to ArtPrize Seven.

The Michigan native turned West Coast resident used hundreds of images of his own MRIs and CT scans to create art.

Hudson said if ArtPrize visitors look closely at his ArtPrize entry “Insides Out”, they’ll see images of his skull, brain and spine.

In 2013 Hudson said he suddenly went numb from the chest down, some days he couldn’t speak and sometimes he would shake. Doctors were puzzled by Hudson’s symptoms.

After many tests he was diagnosed with neurosarcoidosis, an autoimmune disorder that attacks his spinal cord.

Hudson is currently on medication, but he can’t stay on it forever due to its powerful side effects.

Hudson is living without an immune system, a dangerous gamble.

“I could either just sit and worry about what I have and worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow and what’s going to happen the next day, or you can kind of just take charge of it,” Hudson said.

That’s what he did.

Hudson went to the hospital and gathered all of the images, spending months colorizing and manipulating the images into art, shoving the scans that led to his painful diagnosis into beautiful patterns and images.

“I’m never going to be the same as I was period,” Hudson said. “It’s just not going to happen. So what about today? What can I do with it today? How can I make today better than yesterday?”

Hudson said participating in ArtPrize is a celebration of how far he’s come in two years.

“Anyone with a chronic illness that’s going to last their whole lifetime I just want them to realize that they can make it better. They don’t have to sit and worry about it,” said Hudson.

“Insides Out” is on display inside of the Fifth Third Bank building in downtown Grand Rapids.

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