To The Point: Nofs on energy policy

LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — A state senator joined “To The Point” this week to explain big piece of legislation that will impact everyone in Michigan. That legislation will lay out the state’s energy policy, dealing with how we use it, how we produce it and how we regulate it.

Sen. Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek, chairs the Energy and Technology Committee, which was tasked with updating the energy policy.

“We put into this bill an integrated resource plan — an IRP plan — process where we plan for the next five, 10 and 15 years,” Nofs said. “When the utilities have to plan, because they do have 90 percent of the market under the current statute in the State of Michigan … then they have to go make that plan proposal to the Michigan Public Service Commission.

“But what we put in this legislation is when they devise their plan, we then are going to require them to put out a ‘request for’ proposal of what they want, what their needs are to replace those coal plants that you’re talking about (that will close under federal regulations). So it opens it up to everybody to come in and say if you’ve got wind that’s cheap, you can make your proposal in front of the commission with the utility and we’ll see,” Nofs continued. “It will all be transparent. The cost will be out there and what the other options are, so we’re not going to pick. What we’re going to do is put a process in place that does compete with all different fuel sources, all different technology to be able to provide the energy we need for the future.”

Above, on this Oct. 4, 2015 episode of “To The Point,” Nofs discusses the new energy plan and how it will affect you and your pocketbook.

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