Most claims in lawsuit v. Battle Creek dismissed

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (WOOD) — Several of the claims in a lawsuit filed by two former Battle Creek Police Department leaders against the city have been dropped.

The only remaining complaint in the lawsuit filed by Maria Alonso and Jim Saylor alleges the City of Battle Creek breached a just-clause employment contract, according to a Tuesday release from the city.

In addition to dismissing five federal law complaints, Alonso and Saylor agreed to dismiss the claims made against individual defendants named in their suit — Assistant City Manager for Operations Susan Bedsole, BCPD Chief Jim Blocker and City Commissioner David Walters.

The remaining complaint of the just-cause contract breach is an issue of state law.

The pair agreed to the dismissals in exchange for the city dropping its appeal of one of the federal claims.

Alonso, who was the inspector in BPCD’s Office of Professional Standards, and Saylor, the department’s deputy chief, were placed on administrative leave in March 2014 and then fired in late April after allegations arose that they had engaged in an inappropriate romantic relationship that created a negative work environment.

The lawsuit Alonso and Saylor filed not long before they were fired alleged that they were the targets of a vendetta from the mayor and that the action against them ruined their careers.



Read the full lawsuit (pdf)

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