Double-charged bank customer: ‘My heart sunk’

Huntington Bank expanding into new Meijer in-store branch locations. (Courtesy Huntington National Bank)

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Huntington Bank says it has resolved all double-charges to customer accounts.

According to a statement from Huntington Bank, debit and ATM card transactions made during the weekend and Monday were double-posted to customers’ accounts on Tuesday as a result of a processing problem overnight.

Amanda Constant said when she went to bed Tuesday night, she had $80 in her account, but when she woke up Wednesday morning, her account had a negative balance of $530.

“I tried to call the customer service, but they were like super swamped so I knew something was wrong. My heart like sunk. I feel like I had a heart attack. It was terrible. I started crying and was like, ‘Oh no, what am I going to do now,'” Constant said.

Constant said three checks she sent out to pay bills didn’t go through because of the problem.

“My husband and I, we aren’t paycheck to paycheck, but we are close to it and we rely on our money management,” Constant said.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Huntington Bank told 24 Hour News 8 all duplicate charges had been corrected and account balances were current.

Though the issue has been resolved, Constant said it was an inconvenience to her and her husband, who drives trucks more than 12 hours each day. She said her husband gets food and drink while on the road, but because their account was overdrawn, he wasn’t able to eat on Wednesday.

The company also said all fees related to the error would be waived or reversed.

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