Family: Man shot in Belding ‘didn’t deserve to be killed’

A courtesy photo of Eric Harrington, 35, photographed with the woman who shot and killed him.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Family members grieving the loss of a loved one say that the man shot in Belding Wednesday morning was a good person.

Eric Harrington, 35, was shot and killed by the girlfriend he was living with at around 5 a.m. Wednesday at the couple’s home on Oakwood Street in Belding.

The shooter, a 21-year-old woman with no criminal background, was brought in for questioning. As of Thursday morning she had not been arrested, officials said.

One person was shot and killed at a home in Belding Wednesday morning, police said. (Oct. 21, 2015)
Eric Harrington was shot and killed at a home on Oakwood Street in Belding Wednesday morning. (Oct. 21, 2015)

Investigators said they were still working to determine whether a crime occurred when the shooting took place, though they declined to say whether they had indications that the shooting was in self defense.

Eric’s cousin, Bradley Harrington, described him as “a great dad” and “a great guy”.

“He didn’t deserve to be killed,” Bradley said. “As far as I’ve known he’s never been someone to go after a girl, especially to the point where he should be shot for it.”

Eric Harrington has a short list of misdemeanor crimes in his background that includes charges of assault, driving on a suspended license, and an arrest related to alleged obstructing police.

In 2009 his ex-wife filed a petition for a personal protection order saying that she feared Eric might harm her or the person she was dating.

“I am concerned Eric will come to my work and threaten me or my co-worker or possibly attempt to harm one of us,” the woman wrote in the petition. “He threatened to come to my workplace as the person I am dating works with me. He stated ‘he is not safe’ and ‘He’s f—–. I’ll see him tomorrow maybe you can watch’…”

Bradley expressed concern about the possibility that charges may not be filed.

“If this goes the way it’s looking like . I will officially have lost any faith in the cops I had left,” he wrote in a Wednesday night Facebook posting.

Classmate Dan Rasmussen Jr. posted about Eric’s death on a page dedicated to planning a high school class reunion for Greenville High School’s class of 1999.

“No matter of situation, Eric may have touched your soul. He was an extreme fella,” the posting said. “Very loving to all… May we all bow our heads, say a little prayer for him, yet continue them for his son & family.”

Another friend posted a screen capture of a Facebook message that Eric sent her. It simply read, “I love you”.

“Thank you for being such a good friend,” she wrote in her posting. “RIP Eric Harrington. I love you too.”

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