FBI broadens search for missing boys; tips needed

Left to right: Sage Cook, 15 and 9-year-old Isaac Cook. (FBI)

SEATTLE, Wash. (WOOD)—The FBI is taking its search for two missing boys nationwide.

A photo of the missing boys' mother, Faye Ku. (FBI)
A photo of the missing boys’ mother, Faye Ku. (FBI)

Sage, 15, and 9-year-old Isaac Cook were last seen Friday, Aug. 28 at the Los Angeles International Airport. Investigators believe the boys may be with their mother, 41-year-old Faye Ku, and their toddler half-brother, Zephyr Ku.

Since their parents divorced in 2009, Sage and Isaac have spent most of the year with their father in Bellevue, Washington. However, detectives believe the boys’ mother may have forged a supervised visit court order to convince the boys’ father to send them to California.

The FBI originally focused their search on California, Washington, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico and Canada, where Ku has contacts. However, they now say the boys now may be anywhere.

Ku tried to leave the country with Sage and Isaac in 2013, but was detained by authorities before she could board a flight to Taiwan.

The FBI believes Sage Cook may be wearing the same shirt he has on in this photo. (FBI)
The FBI believes Sage Cook may be wearing the same shirt he has on in this photo. (FBI)

The FBI said the boys may be wearing distinctive clothing they packed for their trip to Los Angeles.

Sage may be wearing a green shirt featuring Darth Vader wearing a flower lei. Isaac may be wearing a black shirt depicting the space shuttle Atlantis.

Anyone with information regarding the boys’ whereabouts is asked to call the FBI’s Seattle Division at 206-622-0460.

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