Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush visits GR

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush visits Kent County GOP Headquarters for a town hall on Nov. 12, 2015.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Former Florida governor Jeb Bush says he will work to win Michigan in the general election if he is the Republican nominee.

Bush was in Grand Rapids to talk with supporters at the Kent County GOP Headquarters.

It is not remarkable that he says he wants to win Michigan, that’s what candidates do. But he says it’s important to reach beyond more traditional Republican electoral strongholds and make the case even in a state like this one where his father was the last Republican to win in the 1988 general election.

“We haven’t carried Michigan, Pennsylvania, states that have really made a great come back because conservative principals by and large. You know, good leadership here,” Bush said.

The candidate now polling fifth in an average of polls went on to say, “I think there is a case to be made that a Republican can carry these states. We have to change the map to win. You can’t focus a campaign on an inside straight and expect to win.”

Along with changing the tax code, reducing regulations and pursuing polices that would lift “all people.”

Bush said he wants to find solutions to issues that face the country that will work for everyone, not just people who may vote for him.

When asked about other candidates tapping into the anger of some American voters, he said, “It’s logical that people are angry and frustrated. Very logical if you look at the state of affairs in Washington, but not solving the problem isn’t going to make things better, right?”

So how would Bush solve the problems?

“I have a set of solutions to fix these things and I have a proven record to do it. Actually, I think it’s important to nominate a person who can beat Hillary Clinton or nothing is going to get better. We’ll just double down on the failed economic policies and foreign policies of this president if Hillary Clinton is elected.”

Bush missed an early fund raiser because of bad weather in Iowa but made his town hall meeting before heading to the state with the first in the nation primary in February, New Hampshire.

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