Toy fundraiser benefits children’s hospital

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD): The season of giving is upon us and there’s no better group to extend this generosity to than children. Last Thursday and Friday, the Junior Golden Rule Guild held a fundraiser with Discovery Toys at Spectrum Health’s Helen Devos Children’s Hospital.

The Junior Golden Rule Guild is a smaller guild whose members work weekly shifts at the Fireside Grill in the hospital to raise funds to benefit children, usually hematology oncology patients.

This week, they partnered with Discovery Toys to put on their biannual toy fundraiser which donates a portion of its sales in toys to the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital.

Discovery Toys has been around for nearly forty years and has a history of donating their products. The company is focused on toys that enhance creativity and allow for open ended play.

Offering gender neutral toys that are sterilized and easily cleaned is especially important for the newly built Healing Center where children must be in a completely hygienic environment.

Pat Durham, the Senior Team Leader for Discovery Toys, describes the importance of hands on games to help children learn how to communicate and self regulate.

Screen time isn’t bad. But if parents aren’t rounding out their play diet then they’re limiting the child’s brain development and understanding,” Durham says.

The toys available vary in the different skills they teach and are age appropriate from “birth to 103 years old”.

For example, a success oriented puzzle was ordered for an 83 year old Alzheimer’s patient to maintain her fine motor skills and brain function.

Encouraging communication and creating lifelong skills is possible through fun and games.

Learn more about Discovery Toys and find out how you can get involved with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

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