Turkey prices could fly higher this Thanksgiving

Roasted Turkey

(WTNH/WOOD) — If you’re planning to serve up turkey this Thanksgiving, get ready to pay more.

The United States Department of Agriculture estimates the wholesale cost of frozen turkeys will rise from $1.63 per pound to as much as $2.32 a pound, depending on where you live.  And those prices are only expected to grow as Thanksgiving approaches.

The higher cost comes after an outbreak of bird flu, which wiped out millions of turkeys, mostly in the Midwest.

Connecticut turkey farm owner Rick Hermonot said the price increase is substantial.

“[It] means the store would have to pass on more than $0.70 [of the per pound cost to customers] in order to capture that [profit] margin that they’d be looking to do,” he explained to WTNH.

Hermonot built a barn this summer and took other precautions to protect his chicks and turkeys from bird flu.  He said so far, his flock and prices have not been affected.

“So far our birds are happy and healthy,” says Hermonot.

The turkeys which roam his fields will be processed starting next Thursday and then the first ones will go up for sale on Friday.

The original version for this story was first published wtnh.com.


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