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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) It’s a topic many don’t know much about until someone in our lives is impacted by it: lung cancer. Doctors Eric Santos and Yuanbin Chen of Cancer and Hematology Centers of Western Michigan say it’s important to have a conversation about lung cancer because it’s the leading cause of all cancer-related deaths.

There are only a few tests that can detect lung cancer early. Recently, new technologies have been developed that can screen for lung cancer for people who are at a higher risk.

Like many cancers, treatment for lung cancer depends on the stage or how far the cancer has gone. Different combinations of treatment modalities can be used including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. More recently, newer types of chemotherapy have been developed like targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

Targeted therapy uses molecular technologies to detect gene mutations so doctors can personalize medications to fight those mutations.

Immunotherapy uses a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. One way that is becoming more popular is by blocking the way cancer cells hide and protect itself from the immune system. That allows the immune system to help fight the cancer.

These treatments have been available as part of clinical trials as well as regular therapy at Cancer and Hematology Centers of Western Michigan.

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