Non-profit transitional housing asks for aid

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Exodus Place on Wealthy Street strives to help men in need get reintegrated into society by reconnecting them with their families, faith, and job opportunities.

However, the non-profit is currently in a crisis as it struggles to continue offering programs and keeping its doors open.

Formerly a corrections facility, the renovated building has been operating since July 2009. Robb Munger, the President/Executive Director, felt the calling to create a rehabilitation community for men who want to rise above poverty and go to the next level.

Exodus Place opens its doors to men who’d otherwise be homeless for various reasons, such as veterans with mental illness or those released from a long term prison sentence. It has room to accommodate 120 men. Currently, they have 106 members.

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We can make a life-changing difference by just working with one man and getting him reconnected and saying ‘You’re not going back to prison anymore, or you’re not going to be homeless anymore. You’re not going be on government assistance forever. You’re going be able to be who you want to be,’” says Munger.

While other shelters are able to satisfy immediate needs, a second step like Exodus Place is necessary to make sustainable change in the lives of these men.

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The non-profit does not receive any government assistance and runs solely on revenue earned from the men they are rehabilitating and the donations from the community.

Their motto is that they give people a hand up, not a hand out.

The men are required to work to earn their stay in the transitional house, doing jobs such as repairing, remodeling, or front desk management.

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The irony is that the more success Exodus Place has in transitioning these men out into society, the greater financial hardships they endure.

Recently, they had to make several staff layoffs with plans for cutting crucial case management programs in the future if they do not receive the assistance they need.

Exodus works hand in hand with other services in Kent County and hope to make a lasting difference in the community for the next 100 years.

To help them do so, please donate now.

For more information about the Exodus Place, visit their website.

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