To The Point: Divisions over the state’s roads plan

Gov. Rick Snyder joins To The Point's Rick Albin on Nov. 9, 2015.

LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — Gov. Rick Snyder made history last week when he signed a roads deal he says will fix Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure.

The plan uses $600 million in general fund money plus $400 million in additional fuel taxes and $200 million in registration fee increases to devote $1.2 billion more annually to the roads.Michigan road funding plan graphic

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Snyder stands behind the plan, which he says is the largest investment in transportation in the last 50 years in our state.

“If you look at it, this was a good compromise outcome,” he said. “On one hand, we had people saying you shouldn’t be using any general fund money and we had other people saying we should do it all through the general fund. So this is a good balance. This is the way the legislative process should work.”

But not everyone is happy about the deal.

“This is the worst of all worlds,” House Minority Leader Tim Greimel said. “It increases taxes on those who can least afford it, on middle-class families and on seniors.. It will not fix the roads. And at that same time it will blow a huge hole in the budget that will jeopardize funding for education, public safety and health care. This is a lose-lose-lose proposal.”

Democrats have already started a campaign against vulnerable Republican House members who voted for the plan, saying it is a bad deal.

Above, hear more from Snyder and opponents of the roads plan in this Nov. 15, 2015 episode of “To The Point.”

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