Avoid holiday messes on carpets and floors


JENISON, Mich. (WOOD) With all of the entertaining we’re doing during the holidays, it can be difficult to keep our homes clean, especially the floors! Scott Erhardt and Shay Hawkins of Columbo’s Floors to Go are offering some helpful tips.

Carpet Cleaning Don’ts:
Do not use an abrasive brush
Do not rub or scrub too harshly
Do not allow the stain to dry
Do not use abrasive detergents or cleaning products

Carpet Cleaning Do’s:
Do use a white cloth, it helps gauge stain removal
Do blot stain dry, apply solution, blot again
Do vacuum regularly
Do have carpet professionally cleaned

Hard Surface Cleaning Don’ts:
Do not use a vacuum with a beater or lift bar
Do not use water or string mops
Do not use oil or wax-based products
Do not sure anything abrasive like a wire brush

Hard Surface Cleaning Do’s:
Do use products designed for your surface
Do clean between seam of planks or tiles
Do vacuum regularly and dust with microfiber cloth
Do clean in small sections

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