Walk through the history of Prohibition at GRPM

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOOD) – Rachael walks through the amazing ‘American Spirits’ exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. It takes you through the Prohibition era, a time where the manufacturing, selling, and distribution of liquor was illegal. This exhibit is colorful, fun, and interactive. Rachael makes it into the Speak-easy which is fuilled with artifacts from the 1920s, including jewelry, flapper dresses, and vintage hats. It really incorporates the whole culture of the Roaring 20s. While you’re there you can take a spin on the dance floor to learn the Charleston.  You can finish the tour by getting a picture with an iconic mobster. Check out the video for interesting facts and information on Prohibition or see the exhibit yourself! Check out grpm.org for more info.

Can’t get enough of the 1920s? Brewery Vivant is hosting a ‘Prohibited No More’ beer pairing party on January 12th starting at 7 p.m. Put on your pearls, flapper dresses, and pinstripes, and get ready to party. $40 per person. Click here to buy a ticket!

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