Harbaugh razzed during Rockford HS recruit stop

Jim Harbaugh and Quinn Nordin take a photo together as they head to Ann Arbor. (Courtesy Nordin via Twitter)

BELMONT, Mich. (WOOD) — University of Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh received a good-natured ribbing from the neighbors of a Rockford High School football student with whom he met up with during a recruiting mission.

Harbaugh was driving through Quinn Nordin’s Belmont neighborhood Friday morning when he was greeted by a large sign in a neighbor’s yard that read: “Welcome, Coach Harbaugh!” That message was followed by the score of this year’s rivalry game between Michigan State University and Harbaugh’s team. MSU beat U of M 27 to 23 in a last-second jumbled punt. The sign finished with “Go Green! Go White!”

Harbaugh tweeted a picture of the sign with his own retort: “I Respect the preparation! #GoBlue!”

Harbaugh was in Belmont Friday making good on his promise to try to recruit the number one high school kicker in the nation. Quinn Nordin has already committed to Penn State University, but Harbaugh is trying to woo him away.

Nordin tweeted pictures of himself with Harbaugh at Rockford High School early Friday and another photo of them driving to Ann Arbor for a campus visit.

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