Flint residents after address: Snyder ‘doesn’t care’

Flint residents watch Gov. Rick Snyder's State of the State address. (Jan. 19, 2016)

FLINT, Mich. (WOOD) — “He’s full of it. I don’t trust him.”

Iler Carter’s statement summed up the sentiments of her fellow Flint residents who gathered at a local bar to watch Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State address.

The crowd watching the annual address at the Uptown Sports Bar & Grill on Tuesday evening didn’t cheer or clap when the governor promised more help for them.

“He didn’t deserve our applause. He deserves to step down,” Carter, a mother, said. “It’s the truth. He poisoned us. He doesn’t care about us.”

After dealing with a water crisis for about two years, they perceive the governor as fake and a liar, and it will take more than one speech to change that opinion.

“When we watch stuff like this, it just makes you just sit back and laugh and shake your head,” Flint resident Eric Weststrock said.

“I don’t feel like he had a lot of sympathy because, for one, it seemed like he was reading off of his paper. If you really cared, it would come straight from the heart,” Charlie Miller, another resident, said.

During the speech, the governor laid out a timeline of the events, sharing what was known, when and the actions that were taken. He asked the state legislature to approve $28 million more to help the city. He also announced he will release his emails from the last two years on the Flint water crisis.

>>PDF: Timeline of events in Flint

But that’s not enough for many residents.

“If we have bottled water from now until this same date next year, who’s going to be satisfied with that? A grown man can’t take no bath in a case of water,” Weststrock said.

Residents said they are fed up with politicians talking. They say they want action and want to get back to living with safe, clean water.

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“He made a lot of pledges to the city of Flint. We are waiting to see those things happen. I will work to make those things happen because everything he talked about needs to happen and we still need more,” Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said of the governor’s address. “Those are wonderful first steps, but we still need more.”

Flint, Mich. Mayor Karen Weaver participates in a news conference during the U..S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016.
Flint, Mich. Mayor Karen Weaver participates in a news conference during the U..S. Conference of Mayors Winter Meeting in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016.

She spoke with 24 Hour News 8 over the phone from Washington, D.C, where she met with President Barack Obama on Tuesday. She said the president said he was not happy about the water crisis and has been watching it closely.

Obama is coming to Detroit Wednesday for the North American International Auto Show. Weaver said he will meet with Snyder while in the state to talk about the water crisis, saying Obama told her he wants Snyder held accountable to get Flint help.

The president also told Weaver that he will see to it that Flint gets everything it needs. Weaver said Obama assigned a point person to help coordinate aid — Dr. Nicole Lurie, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ assistant secretary for preparedness and response. Weaver will meet with her while in Washington. Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett is also getting involved.

But Weaver said Obama told her that the state also needs to do their part. She said the state has a nearly $600 million surplus and that Flint should be the priority in spending that money.

Obama has not said if he will stop in Flint while in Michigan.

Below, watch the portion of the governor’s address dealing with the Flint water crisis. App users can click here to watch the video.

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