Convicted rapist lived on property where body found

Courtesy photo of Bobbie Maples

FRUITLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Police are waiting to learn whether a body found in Muskegon County is that of a young mother who disappeared more than a year ago — but a convicted rapist once lived at the property where the body was found, raising new questions about the investigation.

The body was discovered Friday evening on private property on Nestrom Road in Fruitland Township. Police confirmed the body was buried next to a barn and capped with cement.

Roosevelt Park police are still awaiting autopsy results that should clarify whether the body is that of Bobbie Maples, who disappeared in December 2014, 10 days after her baby was born.

“I’d like to know who it is or what it is and how it got there,” Glenn Glaser said. “It’s not like we’re running a cemetery there.”

Glaser, a retired Muskegon pharmacist, has owned the property where the body was found for years. He said he lives there in the summers and goes there twice a day to feed his horses and cats.

“I presume [the body] had to have been put there sometime while we were out of town,” he told 24 Hour News 8 on Monday, “but I never noticed any new digging or I’d be the first one to ask, what’s going on in my corral?”

He said he has “no idea” who Maples is.

“Is that the person they found?” he asked.

But he does know William Anthony Jones, who did maintenance work for him and lived in the home on the property in 2010.

“He was a friend of ours actually, and he’d stay there occasionally overnight,” Glaser said.

That is, until police arrested Jones in November 2010 after he broke into a nearby cabin and repeatedly raped a woman. Police found him hiding under a bed at the home on Glaser’s property.

“I don’t think he’s guilty,” Glaser said. “I think it was… He was found guilty, but it was consensual until he pissed her off, then she screamed.”

Jones was sentenced to between 51 and 80 years in prison. The conviction made him a two-time sex offender, with his first conviction in 1982.

When asked if the body found on his property could be connected to Jones, Glaser replied, “I don’t have any idea, but I would guess not.”

He said he has not yet spoken to police.

Police said they’re familiar with the Jones case but wouldn’t discuss whether they’re investigating any possible connection.

If the body is Maples’, Jones could not have buried it on the property, as he was imprisoned three years before her disappearance.

Police said a tip led them to the body but refused to elaborate or say why they thought it could be Maples. They also refused to discuss the investigation further other than to say they were waiting on autopsy results.


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